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It's your wedding day, but what will you choose glasses, contacts, or no vision?

So you’re about to walk the aisle and get married – congratulations!

You have lots of decisions to make, some big some small.

You have to pick a location, find a willing cleric, buy some fairly expensive one-off clothes, arrange for a reception, pay for an expensive cake, not to... Read more


Paris Fashion Week Closed With Touching Blind Fashion Show

This year's Paris Fashion Week closed with a very moving event dedicated to all people who suffer from blindness or partial blindness. The final day of this fashion festival hosted an event called Blind Fashion Show. This event featured many visually impaired models walking down the catwalk with... Read more


Sarah Jessica Parker Dishes About Her Smoky Eye Makeup

News outlets have just revealed that American actress Sarah Jessica Parker wears her distinctive smoky eye makeup both on and off the red carpet. Parker told reporters that she loves the way her eyes look with the sultry dark color around them, so she just decided to put on this makeup every... Read more


Hydrogel Market Growth Means a Clearer Future for Contact Lens Wearers

The number of contact lens wearers, both for vision correction and cosmetic eye-color beautification, continues to increase annually. This growth is primarily attributable to the use of Hydrogel in contact lenses.

Hydrogel is a... Read more


Cosmetic Carbon Dioxide Injections May Be Just As Crazy As They Sound

Carboxytherapy is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that proponents claim can rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. The procedure involves injecting the areas around the eye with carbon dioxide. At first this causes severe swelling at the injection site.

The claim is that as the CO2 is... Read more


Dizzee Rascal undergoes laser eye surgery

Rapper Dizzee Rascal is just one of a long list of celebrities to discover the benefits of laser eye surgery, after undergoing an operation to clear his blurred vision.

The artist was finding it hard to see clearly, and sometimes could not even see all the way to the back of the audience... Read more


Cosplayer May Lose An Eye After Poor Cosmetic Contact Lens Care

Johnny Santos, who is more popularly known as Johnny Hybrid, may end up losing an eye after suffering an eye injury at the hands of cosmetic contact lenses. Santos frequently wears colored scelral contact lenses when dressing as Gambit, and character from the X-Men.

The incident that... Read more


Coloured contact lenses "proving popular" this summer

There has been a rise in the number of people wearing coloured contact lenses to events and parties in recent times, it has been claimed.

Contact lens expert Rob Doole said that the popularity of the products is being driven... Read more


Non-official coloured contact lenses "can be dangerous"

People who wear coloured contact lenses that have not been purchased from an official retailer risk putting their eyesight at risk, one healthcare authority has warned.

According to the US regulatory body the Food and Drug... Read more


Makeup shades "should complement your eyes and skin tone"

When buying new makeup it should always complement your facial colourings, an expert claims.

Abigail James, a facialist, holistic therapist and founder of abigailjames.com, advises that skin tone can be broken down into fair, light, medium and dark, each of which better suits certain... Read more

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