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Chinese Researchers Develop Glasses With Extremely Sensitive Sensor

A new pair of Smart glasses could revolutionize the way we interact with our household appliances. All users have to do is blink and they can instantly turn on their lights... Read more


University of Leeds Teams Up With Merck For Liquid Crystal Research

The major American pharmaceutical technology company Merck has just decided to work with University of Leeds on some exciting new tech projects. This partnership will... Read more


UK's Grafton Optical Releases First Pulsed Light Technology For Dry Eye Patients

The British company Grafton Optical is ramping up promotion efforts for its revolutionary E-Eye device. The E-Eye machine was specifically designed to help people suffering dry eye symptoms due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

The French company ESW Vision is responsible for both... Read more


UK Scientists Release Study Results On Revolutionary Magnetic Eye Implants

English researchers have just created the world's first magnetic implants that can successfully control eye movement. Eye doctors around the world are hopeful these new oculomotor prosthetics could cure the debilitating flickering eye disease... Read more


Snapchat Spectacles Come to the UK

Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, is finally bringing Spectacles to the UK.

The Spectacles will retail for £129.99 and will be showing up for sale in Snapbots. Snapbots are special vending machines which Snap will be putting up in unannounced locations all over the UK and Europe.... Read more


Quantum Dots May Be Used To Treat Bacterial Keratitis In The Near Future

Research out of Taiwan suggests that the semiconductor particles known as quantum dots could treat serious eye infections better than steroid eye drops. In particular, researchers found that quantum dots work extremely well against bacterial keratitis.

Read more


One Canadian Man Now Has A Digital Camera In His Eye

Canadian developers are taking the first steps toward developing a revolutionary "cyborg eye." Although this internal camera can't communicate with the optic nerve or brain yet, there's great hope for the future of... Read more


New Devices Set To Revolutionize How Doctors Diagnose Cataracts And Glaucoma

Techies are working on devices to help diagnose and cure some of the world's most serious eye diseases. Since the global population is steadily aging, ophthalmologists need all the help they can... Read more


Google Shares AI System With Indian Hospitals To Combat Diabetic Retinopathy

Unfortunately, many of the eye diseases causing blindness around the world are entirely preventable. One such disease is diabetic retinopathy. As the name suggests, this disease only... Read more


Influential Hackers Fool Samsung S8's Eye Scanner With Photos And Contacts

One of Samsung's most popular smartphones can't tell the difference between a real human eye, a contact lens, or a photograph.

The particular phone in question is the Galaxy S8 and this... Read more

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