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South England Hospital Will Test New Drug For Stargardt's Disease

Ophthalmologists at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust will be the first in the UK to trial the drug remofuscin. Researchers across Europe are hopeful... Read more


Recent Study Reveals Leading Causes Of Vision Loss In First World Nations

A new study put out by the international Vision Loss Expert Group (VLEG) suggests about half of the vision complaints in the First World could have been avoided with a simple pair of eyeglasses.

Researchers around... Read more


Optometry Students Are Excited To Help In Malawi With Free Eye Care Screenings

Optometry students in the UK are asking for donations to help them fund a charity trip to Malawi this summer. In total, 12 optometry students will travel around this African nation in July providing thousands of locals with free eye care screenings.

Read more


Stem Cell Treatment Cures Wet AMD Patient In UK Trial

A collaboration of British and American researchers has just completed a successful clinical trial using a stem cell-derived treatment for Read more


Optometrists Could Play Supportive Role In Treating Dyslexia

Dr. Bruce Evans, director of research at the UK's Institute of Optometry, delivered a passionate lecture on the... Read more


New UK Social Enterprise Encourages Early Childhood Vision Screenings

The French-born businesswoman Cecile Beaufils is on a mission to increase awareness on childhood eye issues in the UK. To achieve this goal, Ms. Beaufils created the social enterprise... Read more


Always Get Halloween Cosmetic Contacts From A Registered Optician

Whenever Halloween rolls around, cosmetic contact lenses flood the marketplace. While it might be tempting to purchase a "one size fits all" contact lens online, opticians... Read more


Frog Embryos Could Help Develop Stem Cell Therapies For Human Eyes

The eyes of a unique South African frog embryo could help doctors better understand how human eye tissue can naturally heal itself. Well, at least that’s according to a new Read more


UK Lens Manufacturer Launches First Vitamin-Enriched Contacts

The London-based eye care startup Waldo is ready revolutionize the contact lens industry with its new pair of vitamin-laced lenses. These new lenses were designed to help... Read more


Taking Pictures with Sony's new contact lenses

Although it’s been in the news, a lot of people don’t fully realize yet just how technology is revolutionizing the contact lens.

Brief recap: contacts were originally conceived of in 1508 by the genius Leonardo DaVinci. The first practical lenses were made in 1823 by Sir John... Read more

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