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Basketball player loses contact lens

An American high school basketball player lost a contact lens in a fall during a game, it has been reported.

News website boston.com reported how in the Division 2 girls" sectional finals, senior guard Kelsey Roberson suffered a... Read more


Sportsman exposes eye gouging

A New Zealander and Old Etonian who played sports for England has spoken of how eye gouging would take place during rugby games.

John Daniell"s book Rugby Mercenary describes how the practice would be carried out when playing la fourchette, French rugby.

"It"s even worse if, like... Read more


Bausch & Lomb starts presbyopia and contact lens education programme

Bausch & Lomb has launched an education initiative in the US to inform people about presbyopia and how multifocal contact lenses may treat it.

According to Keir Meisner, director of US marketing for lenses with the company,... Read more


Get a retro eye make-up look

Advice has been given for women who want to recreate the 1960s look with their eye make-up.

FemaleFirst "s Jessica Watson reported that this style is back in fashion and explained how to go about achieving it.

First, eyeshadow in a bronze hue should be applied over the eye"s outer... Read more


Sienna Miller "didn"t recognise herself" in coloured contact lenses

Sienna Miller has told of how dramatically her appearance was altered when she wore coloured contact lenses for a new film.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, picked up by the Coventry Telegraph, she spoke... Read more


Preparation underway for Bausch & Lomb job cuts in India

Indian employees with contact lens company Bausch & Lomb are getting ready for redundancies after it was reported that there would be cuts in Ireland.

Bausch & Lomb is to shut down its plant in Bhiwadi in India, which makes Read more


How to get Beth Ditto"s eyes

Women have been told by a newspaper how to apply eye makeup to look the way Beth Ditto did at Paris Fashion Week.

Sarah Vine explained in the Times how to recreate the appearance sported by the Gossip singer, who also appeared in a tight, dark coloured Herve Leger bandage dress.

Ms... Read more


Hygiene advice for contact lenses and eye make-up

Advice for maintaining hygiene when wearing contact lenses and make-up has been given by the University of Virginia Health System.

Reported by HealthDay on US News, the tips included keeping make-up brushes clean and always... Read more


Thai contact lens wearers told to take care

Thai people who wear contact lenses have been advised to be careful due to the way the contact lenses are sold in the country.

Speaking to the Bangkok Post, ophthalmologist Tisha Prabriputaloong explained that in Thailand, Read more


Prime Minister"s conference speech "delayed over lost contact lens"

A lost contact lens has been given as the reason for the delay in a speech by the Prime Minister last week.

The Times reported that Gordon Brown lost a contact lens down a... Read more

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