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Norfolk sculpture "could be perilous for those with sight troubles"

A new artwork set up in Norfolk could be a hazard to people with eyesight problems, it has been stated.

The Eastern Daily Press reports how the £30,000 steel sculpture, which is cut away inside in the shape of an oak tree, has been criticised by Fakenham town council deputy mayor Mike... Read more


Blind adventurer is back from South Pole

A sightless man who became the first to reach the South Pole by foot has returned home.

Mark Pollock, of Hollywood, Co Down, was met at Dublin Airport by his girlfriend Simone George, the Irish Times reports.

He called it "an irony to return home to snow".

Mr Pollock"s... Read more


Eye care help for people in El Salvador

People in El Salvador are being given help for eye care as part of an eye health programme.

John Medeiros has gone to Perquin in El Salvador as part of the Olentangy Rotary Club"s participation in the We Care Eye Care scheme, Columbus Local News reports on snponline.com.

The... Read more


Celebrity chefs "planning eye-healthy desserts"

In honour of Valentine"s Day, celebrity chefs from across the US have contributed recipes for desserts for two that use eye-healthy ingredients.

The free recipes, which can be viewed on the eyecareAmerica website and downloaded onto recipe cards, have been prepared as part of a national... Read more


"Efforts underway" to prevent age-related vision decline

Clinical and research efforts are currently in place to determine ways of preventing or slowing vision decline related to age, according to an Australian doctor.

According to the American Academy of Opthalmology, Ruth Hogg of Melbourne said that as people age, they can experience a number... Read more


Australian golfer "protects contact lenses" with sunglasses

Australian golfer Anna Rawson ensures that her eyes are protected from the sun and wind on the fairway by wearing sunglasses, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Ms Rawson, who is based in Los Angeles, said that it is important to protect her eyes from the wind while playing golf,... Read more


Bausch & Lomb "planning Indian expansion"

Bausch & Lomb is set to make its products more widely available in India in the coming years, according to the Business Standard.

The contact lens maker - which already offers products in some 5,500 outlets across the country -... Read more


Government dismisses sight fears over low-energy bulbs

Concerns that people with sight troubles will suffer from low-energy bulbs have been dismissed by the government.

Eye health organisations had said that the new bulbs do not produce enough light and could pose problems fro those who struggle with their vision.

But Lord Hunt, energy... Read more


Wear goggles over contact lenses to cope with volcanic ash

Victims of volcanic eruptions have been advised to cope with ash by wearing goggles over their contact lenses.

The Guardian picked up an Associated Press report as preparations are made for a possible eruption from Mount Redoubt in Alaska.

Glass and rock can be contained in Alaskan... Read more


The lowdown on laser eye surgery

Everyone would prefer to have perfect vision rather than to be short or far-sighted or astigmatic. If you do have imperfect vision but are fortunate enough to have problems that are correctable, a number of options are available to you. You might wear spectacles, or Read more

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