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Children With Below Average Binocular Vision Struggle With Reading

A new Canadian study suggests standard vision tests aren't adequately screening children for binocular vision issues. Study authors argue that children with undetected binocular vision issues are at a greater risk of... Read more


English Researchers Study Praying Mantises With World's Smallest 3D Glasses

British scientists have just developed the world's tiniest 3D glasses to better understand insect vision. Specifically, investigators created these glasses to observe the... Read more


Dubai's Moorfields Eye Hospital Will Use New Genetic Test On Retinal Dystrophy Patients

Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai has just chosen two children for a novel genetic testing procedure. Ophthalmologists hope this new test will help the medical community better understand the genes responsible for retinal dystrophy.

The siblings... Read more


Doctorate Candidate In London Develops Algorithm For Retinal Imaging

A computer science student at London's Brunel University just developed an algorithm that could be useful in the detection of serious retinal diseases.

This new... Read more


Desktop Humidifier Can Help Dry Eye Patients, New Study Shows

A USB-powered desktop humidifier could be a great investment for people who suffer with Read more


Chinese Man Diagnosed With Lupus After Suffering Severe Blurry Vision

A fascinating medical case history out of China details a man who was diagnosed with Lupus after visiting a hospital with eye complaints. Strangely, this patient had no other warning signs of lupus besides his rapidly declining... Read more


CooperVision Survey Reveals Patients Are Concerned About Digital Eye Strain

American contact lens manufacturer CooperVision recently conducted a global survey researching patients' opinions on digital eye strain. According to their findings, many people are afraid of the negative effects electronic screen use could have on their eye health.

The company Read more


Canadian Study Shows Myopia Rates Increasing In Schoolchildren

A new report on the eye health of Canadian children shows that rates of nearsightedness (aka myopia) are on the rise. This increase in myopia rates amongst children is a part of a global trend now referred to as the "myopia boom."

Scientists from the University of Waterloo's Centre for... Read more


Barcelona Scientists Develop Computer Chip Able To Mimic Blood Retinal Barrier

Spanish researchers have just created a revolutionary computer chip that's able to copy the body's blood retinal barrier. Although this... Read more


American Pony Becomes UK's First Seeing-Eye Horse

The American miniature pony Digby is set to become the UK's first legal seeing-eye horse. If they haven't already seen him trotting around, North and South Yorkshire... Read more

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