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Cataract Surgery May Reduce Risk Of Premature Death, New Study Suggests

A new study out of the University of California suggests that women who have cataract surgery have a much lower risk of premature death.

Researchers involved in this study took a look at over 74,000 Medicare claims from women above the age of 65. In... Read more


High Numbers Of UK Parents Don't Take Children To The Eye Doctor

An incredible 41 percent of British parents haven't taken their children to get vision checkups in at least two years. This data comes from a recent Specsavers Optical Group survey on child vision health in the UK.

Investigators also found that around 30 percent of parents never sent their... Read more


Brisbane Scientists Discover Rod-Cone Eye Cells In Pearlside Fish

Australian researchers have released a new study showing an interesting new cell in the eyes of the deep-sea pearlside fish. The interesting thing about these cells is that they are composed of both rod and cone photoreceptor cells.

Sometimes called Mueller's bristle-mouth fish, Read more


GOC Set To Implement Department Of Health's Regulator Reforms

The UK's General Optical Council (GOC) has announced it will follow the Department of Health's suggestion to implement consultation on healthcare Read more


AOP Launches "Don't Swerve A Sight Test" Campaign

The UK's Association of Optometrists (AOP) released survey results from this year's Voice of Optometry panel on vision standards for driving. Out of the 1,000 eye health professionals surveyed, nine in ten said the UK's vision requirements for getting a driving license were too lenient and needed... Read more


American Study Changes How Eye Doctors Think Of Melanopsin Cells

A new study out of the University of Pennsylvania challenges the conventional understanding of how the eyes process visual stimuli. Specifically, doctors looked into how the protein cells called melanopsin reacted to light waves.

Melanopsin is extremely... Read more


American Researchers Use Stem Cells To Better Understand Macular Degeneration

A new study using stem cells is changing how doctors think about the nature of macular degeneration.

Scientists at the University of Rochester first... Read more


American Doctors Reveal Glaucoma Causing Protein Has A Y Structure

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Chemistry and Biochemistry have discovered that an extremely important eye protein is shaped like the letter Y. Many believe this finding will revolutionize how doctors think about treating... Read more


A New App Could Detect Whether You're Peeping On A Stranger's Phone

Although there's no official data, it's safe to assume millions of people have peeked onto strangers' smartphones on public transit. Perhaps the only more disturbing fact about mobile phones in the modern era is that Read more


Neuroscientists Uncover Region Of The Brain That Encourages Creativity

Professors at America's finest universities believe they've discovered the area of the brain lets us know when it's time to change our routine.

The part of the brain researchers... Read more

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