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Neapolitan Artist Creates Inspiring Installation On Blindness

An exciting art installation in Naples, Italy, is challenging people's preconceptions about the abilities (or lack thereof) of visually impaired patients. Artist Annalaura Di Luggo hopes this new installation will help visitors better recognize how... Read more


Most UK Opticians Not Meeting National Standards, New "Which?" Report Shows

Undercover investigators at the product reviews company Which? reported that only two out of five opticians are giving "satisfactory" eye screenings in the UK.

In total, researchers... Read more


Melanopsin Malfunction May Cause Photophobia, New Study Suggests

American researchers have released test results that could help ophthalmologists better understand why certain patients struggle with light sensitivity (aka Read more


Liverpool Researchers Discover Most People Avoid Putting Sunscreen On Eyelids

A new study out of England shows that most people avoid putting sunscreen around their eyes and on their eyelids. Researchers believe this finding merits a public health campaign because skin... Read more


MedUni Vienna Use Big Data And Retina Scans To Improve Patient Care

Engineers at this year's Advanced Retinal Therapy conference in Vienna focused on how to better personalise medical care in the future. In particular, specialists looked into how they could use new Artificial... Read more


Loss Of Five Senses Leads To Increased Risk Of Death, New Study Shows

A new American study shows that adults with weaker command over the five senses face more health challenges than healthy people. This report also suggests that people with greater sensory impairments have a higher risk of early death.

Researchers involved in this study tracked over 3,000... Read more


London Assembly Urges Mayor To Support Eye Health Awareness In Capital City

Kings Cross's Royal College of Ophthalmologists just released its survey on London's eye health entitled, "Eye Health – preventing sight loss in London." The London Assembly is now using data from this study to encourage the mayor to implement public eye... Read more


Liverpool Engineers Design IOP Detecting Contact Lenses

British researchers have just developed a hi-tech contact lens that can accurately measure a person's intraocular eye pressure (IOP). Doctors around the world are hopeful these new lenses will help glaucoma patients keep accurate data on their IOP levels.

Engineers at the Read more


Kale Is Key To Preventing AMD

Nutritionists say that anyone at risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) should start adding kale to their daily diet. Eating a good supply of this green leafy veggie... Read more


Inhibiting ARF6 Protein Could Be Key In The Future Of Diabetic Retinopathy Care

Scientists from the University of Utah say they've found a potential cure for diabetic retinopathy. Researchers believe by inhibiting the protein known as ADP-ribosylation factor 6 (Read more

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