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Purevision MultiFocal

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Purevision MultiFocal

6 Lenses per box


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Purevision Multifocal soft Contact Lenses are designed to give you sharp, vibrant vision at every distance without reading glasses, bifocals or varifocals.

If your having trouble reading things up close and holding small print at arms length for a clearer focus, it`s likely that you are experiencing presbyopia - a naturally occuring condition that affects most people startingin their 40s. But don`t worry, just because you have presbyopia doesn`t mean you need reading glasses or bifocals. With Bausch & Lomb Purevision Multifocal contact lenses, you will be able to see clearly at all distances - near, far and everything in-between.

Purevision MultiFocal contact lenses are also made of a unique material that lets natural levels of oxygen to reach your eyes so that they stay comfortable and healthy.The lenses are also designed to resist protein and debris build up. This means your lenses stay clean.

The lens can be worn on a daily basis (removing and cleaning/storing it at night) or continuously (sleeping in them) for 30 days and 29 nights. This means that you can now wear the lens throughout the night and wake up with excellent visual performance in the morning.

It is advisable to check with your eye care professional as to suitability before wearing overnight  contact lenses.

Each box contains 6 disposable soft contacts in borate buffered saline solution

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Freedom at last

I work at a computer most of the day. I also need to read notes and I had to find specs constantly to see anything. As my eyes got worse my contact lenses (daily disposables) just were not up to it. My glasses were also uncomfortable as I have a high prescription (+5.5). At last these lenses have got rid of all that!! They are extremely comfortable to wear and require no cleaning as such. I take them out each night but, if needs be, you can sleep in them and on the odd occasion I have done that, they have been fine. Best of all however is the clarity of vision they afford at all distances. I use the +5.5 with the +1.5 addition. It is truly liberating to be able to see so well again and well worth the money.

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South Coast


I do like these, really. It's just that having worn Purevision extended-wear lenses for six years non-stop and then these vari-focals for six months, I find there is a trade-off on long distance clarity.
Occasionally I have swapped to daily softlenses and find that long distance focus is better.
These do not seem to have the same crystal clarity that the non-vari-focals have.
Still a great product though; the most comfortable lenses I have used. They have transformed my life in terms of lens-care. I just flip them out once a week on average for a swift clean or overnight soak to rest my eyes.

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extremely happy

I've worn continuous wear lenses for many years and have had no problems at all until my sight started to further deteriorate. The optician offered me reading glasses to wear on top of my normal lenses... swift change of opticians and the chance to try these.

They did take a bit of getting used to, but i'm happy to say that these are liberating. I no longer need reading glasses (thankfully) and my near and distance sight is great. Add to that the fact that these are continuous wear lenses, and this particular blind bat is a very happy customer.

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These work for me (and I'm picky).

I don't like getting old and ending up needing two pairs of different glasses, because for ... Read more

quick and reasonable

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