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2 Stars Rated Customer Reviews on 1 Day Acuvue Moist



I`ll stick to Focus Dailies thanks!

I bought these lenses and really wish I had stuck to what I know - I found these really awkward to use as they seem less rigid than other lenses and were constantly turning in on themselves when trying to put them in. I wasted quite a few as they would pop out of my eye when I closed the lid, you have to be really careful to not trap any air behind them when you apply them or off they pop. I didn`t really find my eyes coped any better wearing these than Focus Dailies - so for the frustration they caused I won`t be buying these again.

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Western Cape, South Africa

not as good as others

I`ve tried these and they itch more than what I used to wear - the normal focus dallies. The best by far - for me at least - are the coopervision lenses called pro clear. Top marks to this site for service btw. Half the price of buying via an optician where I am (South Africa.)

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london, uk

better than Focus Dailies but not by much

you do feel they are more moist after putting them on but they almost immediately become uncomfortable after a couple of minutes of wearing. after 3 hrs they become worse than the cheaper Focus Dailies which are not that great themselves either. after 6 hrs they become simply unbearable.will not buy again.

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Harder to use

I used to use the Acuvue Dailies, but they stopped making those and so I had to switch to the Moist version... not been impressed at all ... they are much harder to put in, pop out easily and don't seat on the eye properly, but they are ok once they are in, but the one down side is...

If I get home for work and take them out for a few hours (and put them in solution), when I try to put them back in to go out in the evening they are near on impossible to use! They seem to go quite sticky and the edges, even though they have been in solution, are puckered and so uncomfortable ... they end up being worn all day and evening instead so I don't waste a pair! Would rather be able to pop them out for a couple of hours and then back in, but doesn't work for me!

Am going to try the cheaper Crystal Dailies and at those prices if I can't get them back in it won't be so expensive to then use another pair!

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First Lens I tried

When I decided to start wearing contact lenses my optician recommended these. Apparently they were the most comfortable and they highly recommended them. Unfortunately, I found them very uncomfortable after a few hours and within 6 they were ready to come out. They were extremely drying and kept catching on my lower eyelid. After being praised so highly, I felt like perhaps lenses weren't for me. Luckily I have found other brands to work better, such as Biotrue. I have ordered two different brands here so I shall review them when I try!

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London, UK

Good for the first few hours, but then...

Maybe they just don`t work well for my prescription (+5.75), but I find that they are so thin and flimsy that, after a few hours, they start to crease up on my eye and become very uncomfortable. I do have relatively dry eyes, but I can wear cheap dailies for ten hours without problems.

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