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4 Stars Rated Customer Reviews on 1 Day Acuvue Moist


Rickmansworth, Herts

Can wear for longer than Acuvue non-`Moist`

I switched a while ago to the Moist version because I found with the normal version they would stick to my eyeball by the evening and need loosening, plus my eyes would get a little red and dry. So the Moist version allows me to wear longer into the evening. I recommend them despite the higher price over normal versions.

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Shropshire, UK

Very comfortable

Upgraded to the `Moist` variant a year or two ago and found they gave me better comfort later in the day. I`m -5/5.5 and have astigmatism so I wear them for shorter periods (holidays, sports, dusty DIY work with goggles, etc) rather than full time but find them very easy to use and effective.

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London, UK

Surprisingly good

Recently, Acuvue stopped making my usual contact lenses so I had to find an alternative. I decided to go with the same company and try out these lenses, despite the less than favourable reviews.

I found them to be as good as, if not better, than my previous type of lenses. I suffer from dry eyes, and no contact lenses don't not irritate them a bit but they were quite comfortable with these lenses.

They are thinner, but I find this means they are much easier to insert into my eye.

I can wear these for 8 hours or more without my eyes getting too irritable.

Overall, I'm pleased with them and am sticking with them.

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Walsall, West Midlands

Good if you have dry eyes.

I tried these 'moist'ones as my eyes tend to be rather dry when wearing lenses. Yes, they are a bit delicate, but i personally have not had much problem with them.

Tip : once on your finger - hold them up to the light and look out for the '123' on the rim of the lense - this shows it's the right way round as these do easily flip.

I usually wear them when going out or during the summer when wearing sunglasses, but have wore them all day & have been ok.

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Much Improved

I reviewed these same lenses a while ago and criticized how bad they were, but after being forced to switch from monthly to daily lenses, I originally switched to a different type of Acuvue lenses (i.e. not the Moist but the Advance). When these was discontinued I again was forced to retry this lense as it was the only alternative, but I am happy to say I have been wearing these for over a year and they are much much better than they used to be.

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Very Good

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