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1 Stars Rated Customer Reviews on 1 Day Acuvue TruEye


London, UK


I`ve used contact lenses for many years now, and am always looking for better lenses for my eyes. I sit by the computer all day at work and try to make sure I don`t strain my eyes more than I have to. So when I saw these, they sounded good, and I thought I`d give them a go!

Sadly, I have to say these lenses are by far the worst I`ve tried. I have moderately dry eyes, but with these I would put them in at 8 am and by 4 pm I`d feel like I wanted to scratch my eyes out! They feel fine when I first put them in, but within a few hours they`re uncomfortable and after 8 hours I just can`t take it any more.

Also, I`ve never seen so many deformed lenses in a pack as I have with these. Several of them were mis-shaped and bulgy, and I had to throw away a few because they just wouldn`t sit comfortably on the eye.

I did a little experiment where I put the TruEye in one eye, and my normal lense (Acuvue Moist) in the other, and there was a huge difference. Funnily enough, the eye with TruEye in was the redder looking, and by far the most uncomfortable.

Thankfully I only bought two packs of these so have nearly finished them. I won`t be buying them ever again! It`s back to Acuvue Moist for me!

I don`t normally leave reviews, but these are so bad I just had to. Save your money and your eyes, people!

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I have sensitive and dry eyes so normally I don`t wear contact lenses at all. On occasions when I do wear contacts I use Acuvue Moist. I was very happy with them although my eyes would only bear them for about 6 hours. I bought Acuvue TruEye hoping the comfort would be much better but I can`t cope with them at all. I insert them and they are feeling scratchy straight away! I can not wear these at all :-( Going back to Moist.

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Berkshire, UK

Uncomfortable from the word go

I`d been recommended TruEyes by my optician, as I`m a fairly heavy wearer of contact lenses (approx 10 hours a day, seven days a week), and these are supposed to allow a lot more oxygen into your eye than standard disposable lenses. However, I`ve found I just cannot wear these lenses at all.

Immediately after inserting them, I get a burning feeling in my eyes, as though I have soap in them, and my eyes become red and bloodshot. This calms down over time, but my eyes then feel very dry and uncomforable for the rest of the day. I`m not sure if it`s the lenses themselves or the solution they`re stored in that causes this reaction, but I just cannot wear them.

I`ve used Focus Dailies and Acuvue Moist and would strongly recommend these over the TruEyes, particularly when you consider the significant price premium you have to pay for them.

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Would be 0 stars if I could select 0

Worst lenses ever and waste of money. I normally wear Acuvue Moist but wanted to try the newest lens available as I suffer from dry eyes and frequently have to use eye drops to keep them moist. Not long after inserting TruEye lenses, my vision became clouded and blurred. Soon I could barely see anything. Even after removing and rinsing, the lenses were covered with a cloudy residue. I have tried wearing these lenses on several different occasions and each time the same thing has happened. An optician explained that the silicon in the lenses reacted with my eyes to cause the cloudiness so they are totally unsuitable for my eyes. BEWARE!

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Easily the worst contact lenses I have ever tried. I didn't have one day where I had to either change my lenses or put my glasses on. I will gladly be going back to my usual acuvue dailies, cheaper and much more comfortable. Would not recommend at all.

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