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2 Stars Rated Customer Reviews on Focus Dailies All Day Comfort



Went `gummy` on my eyeballs and thinness makes them difficult to handle

I found that these felt gummy and gungy soon after I put them in, and as a result vision was impaired and I had to do a lot of `clenched` blinking to try and clear them - not a good look when out in public!

They are also difficult to handle, they fold together very easily as they are so thin and flimsy.

I think whether you find them good or not must depend on how dry your eyes are - mine are quite dry and I think this kind of sucks the moisture out of them that they need to perform well.

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Ive been wearing contact lenses for 8years or so,usually i buy monthlys but thought id give dailies a go.I found them terrible they were really gritty and irritating the next day after wearing them i would have to wear my glasses to give my eyes a rest as they would feel really tired.However im going to try another set of dailies as i bought them in a 2 month supply and actually had them for 4 months so have lasted well and saved money.

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Seemed to cause migraines and flashing lights

I have worn contacts everyday for years (acuvue) without any problems. A relative recommended this site and I decided to try the Focus Dailies. I have worn them 3 times (not consecutive days) and each time I have had to take them out as they end up uncomfortable and if I am not quick enough it leads to a migraine. The packaging and ease of use are fine, hence 2 stars but for wearability I must give a zero. I cannot overall recommend these and am throwing out the box as I cannot take the risk of a migraine. :-(

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